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Romance Submissions

Romance Submission Guidelines 

We are open to new submissions of erotic romance, and mainstream romance in all genres. We will not consider straight erotica at this time. ALL submissions must have a HEA (happily ever after) or at the very least a HFN (happy for now) conclusion.

Story length is 7500 to 125,000 words. We do not take submissions of anthologies or collections. Each story must be minimum 7500 words and be submitted individually.

Although the line in erotic romance is sometimes a grey area, here are the no-compromise taboos:
  • NO pedophilia (and no children involved in sexual situations).
  • NO incest.
  • NO rape as titillation or for sensationalism. Rape may be used as part of the plot action, but MAY NOT be presented with the intent to stimulate erotic excitement or pleasure. The hero may not be a rapist; rape is not redeemable.
  • NO bodily functions as sexual activity.
  • NO necrophilia. (Vampires, as long as conscious, are okay—they are undead, not dead.)
  • NO bestiality. This rule refers to common animals indigenous to Earth; this does not apply to shape-shifting protagonists, as long as all sexual participants are in the same “form”—no human/animal-form.

How to Submit

Email your submission to us at

In the cover email, include:
  • your name, pen name and email address ON the first page of your manuscript
  • word count of finished manuscript
  • brief blurb (less than 200 words) describing the story
In a single attached file, put full-story synopsis* (including ending) and the manuscript. This file must be in doc, docx, or rtf format; we will not accept any other format.

*The synopsis should be about one page (double spaced). The bare bones of the synopsis will look something like this:

1. Your main character encounters conflict
2. Event #1
3. Event #2: Rising conflict
4. Climax/conclusion
5. Aftermath

If you are submitting more than one story, submit each separately in its own email and attachment.

Please be sure your submission has been thoroughly self-edited. We recommend having beta readers look at it! Insure it has been proofread by several skilled and experienced persons other than yourself. It should be as free of typos and grammatical errors as possible.

Submission formatting:
  • We do not specify a required font, but prefer that you use a common font such as Georgia, Book Antiqua, or Verdana.
  • One inch margins on all sides, 1.5 or double-spacing
  • NO headers or footers
  • Do NOT leave spaces between paragraphs, tab or indent your paragraphs
Manuscripts not conforming to these simple guidelines will be returned with a request that you format to our specifications.