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Coming Soon

Christmas Wishes

We’ve decided to celebrate the holidays with our first Anthology Collection!

The theme is Holiday romance and magic. Of course, there is no reason they can’t be combined.  Sweet-sensual romance only please, we do not accept erotica.

We are looking for six to eight stories, depending on the length of your creative magic, so space is limited. We are paying a flat rate for accepted stories this time, at the following rates: 2500-5500 word count will be a $5.00 payment, and 5501-10,000 word count will be paid $10.00

Deadline is Sept. 15, 2017 – and this is a firm deadline, not an approximate. We need time for editing and production. Our targeted release date is December 1st, though it might be mid-November if all goes smoothly.

Please refer to submission guidelines as improperly submitted manuscripts will be rejected.