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Books by Title A - Z

Alphabetical list of titles with genre:

A Whisper of Humanity (paranormal romance)

(The) Best Don't Always Play (mainstream fiction)

Blind Alley  (erotic M/M - gay romance)

Blood's Price (sensual romance / fantasy)

(The) Body In The Barrel (mystery)

(The) Body in the Cloverleaf (mystery)

Cursed Awakening (paranormal romance)

Dead Market (fiction / horror)

(The) Dues of Justice (4 novellas, fiction)

Emotionally Unfaithful (non-fiction)

Estrella Azul -Blue Star (romance)

Flowers Don't Cry (fiction)

Heavenly Vision (fiction)

Hey! Whose Park Is This? (fiction)

I Bought The Sun For A Dollar (fiction)

Midnight Blue (fiction)

(The) Minimalist Method (cookbook)

My Last Nightmare (horror)

(The) Tales of a House God (fiction/illustrated)

(The) Palace of All Pleasures (erotic romance)

Pas de Deux (romance)

Roman's History (erotic romance)

Shades of Death (mainstream paranormal mystery)

Travel Parenting (Non-fiction)

We Do! We Do! (non-fiction)

Within The Mist (paranormal)

Zooey Pinkerton: A Daughter's Right (Western/YA)