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Hey! Whose Park Is This? by Marcia Lee

Using humour and her own observations, the author traces her acquisition of Buster, a junkyard rescue, whose high energy leads her to the dog park. The author recounts their adventures and illustrates what happens there. Instinctive dog behaviours, prejudices, dog walkers, aggression and more are covered.

The following explains why I felt I had to write this book. I was literally bombarded with incidents from going to the dog park on a daily basis for three and a half years; in fact, I still go.

One could ask why read a book about the dog park? Surely, those two words say it all. Let’s just go to the dog park, have fun and go home. But, one needs to realize that you are exposing yourself and your dog/s to the dangers of unpredictable animal and human behaviour. People forget that at the dog park common sense flies out of the window. The dogs are thrust into an enclosed area with strange dogs and people and, who knows what will happen?

Not all dogs are sociable and each one has its own distinct personality traits. They can be timid, aggressive, laid back or high-energy. It is far better to go to the dog park with some idea of what to expect as it can be a very enjoyable experience or a downright scary one.