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Estrella Azul- Blue Star

Erin Garret stands alone by the graveside of her grandfather. As the old paleontologist’s sole heir, he has left her everything, including a dangerous secret, a map and a warning. As she is swept up and into a world of treachery, she finds one man who earns her trust. But can he save her from greedy hands?

Andre Diego follows his fate beyond the Andes Mountains, earning his way through life as a soldier and agent. When his path crosses Erin’s, he finds more at stake than duty and it’s highly personal. His strength alone cannot carry them through. Before time runs out, they must work together to find the Blue Star, Estrella Azul.


The moist warmth of erratic breathing came in short puffs against his hand. Holding Erin’s stiff body against his kept her immobile and from lashing out at him. Though Erin struggled, she was powerless in his strong grip. Leaning close, he could feel her fear, nearly taste it. Standing here in this impenetrable darkness wasn’t doing either of them any good. Erin was so terrified he didn’t know if he could calm, and make her rational enough not to give their simple hiding place away. There was no other choice, he had to find the words to do so quickly, or all would be lost, for both of them.

“Erin,” he whispered close to her ear, “Erin, I need for you to calm down. My name is Andre Diego and I’m here to help you, not hurt you.”

Erin’s body stilled but remained rigid with distrust.

“Slow your breathing… slow, deep breaths or you’ll pass out.”

Erin’s breathing still came hard, he could feel her heart racing against his arm. 

Andre had to do something more. “I am here because of your grandfather,” he whispered close, desperately needing Erin to understand he was friend, not foe. “He hired me and my agency a long time ago to keep an eye on you. Do you believe me?”

She shook her head with sharp defiance. Stubborn, just like her grandfather, but then the red hair should have been evidence enough of that.