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Roman's History by Joe Walters

Roman's History is a humourous but extremely sexual story of a middle aged man, Roman Hands, who has two failed marriages and a host of short-term lovers. Roman believes he is a total loser until he finally meets some special women who turn his life into an adventure filled with sexual activities he's never experienced.

What middle-aged man wouldn't want to be surrounded by beautiful women who can delight him in ways he only dreamed possible? Mr. Roman Hands, a loser at love, is tossed into such a situation, and it doesn't take long before these women make significant improvements to his pathetic love life.

But the story is not all about Roman. Three women have their share of romantic ups and downs with men who seem to be more interested in satisfying themselves than fulfilling their partner's needs. The women share intimate moments with Roman and each other during endless weekend parties in Roman's house where a variety of toys, a hot tub, homemade wine, and slick gels make them all squeal with delight. The wild times fade as Roman and his women are subjected to unpleasant situations. One of the women remains a friend and fills his emptiness until a past love returns and gets his life moving forward again. Roman is at last introduced to a young man who surprises everyone with an important piece of Roman's past.